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Teen Challenge of Arkansas
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Teen Challenge of Arkansas is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to biblically educate men 18 and older with life-controlling problems. This is accomplished through educational programs that are biblically sound and highly structured.

*The name Teen Challenge was adopted by David Wilkerson shortly after he started the ministry in 1957. At that time, he started working with teenage gang members in the slum areas of New York City. David Wilkerson’s early experiences as the ―Gang Preacher‖ were subsequently described in his book ―The Cross and the Switchblade.
*Throughout the years this ministry has changed its outreach from teenagers to people of all ages who have lost the ability to function productively in society due to addic-tions or lack of focus.
* Teen Challenge as a whole has grown since 1957 to 211 centers throughout the United States and 1000 centers operating on six continents.
* The basic goal of Teen Chal-lenge was to communicate the power of Jesus Christ to troubled youth wherever they were.
* In endeavoring to do this, there were many young people, both male and female, who needed spe-cial care to apply this ministry to their lives. Out of this need has grown the residential program of Teen Challenge.
* This residential program, called a Christian growth develop-ment program, teaches the student how to apply Biblical concepts to their own circumstances in order to build a productive life.
*The ministry of Teen Chal-lenge is varied and diverse. The ser-vices rendered are determined by hu-man need in the city, region or area served and the purpose of the indi-vidual center.
* A 1976 Health, Education & Welfare Department study indicates that the Teen Challenge program makes does impact society. Dr. Catherine Hess, Study Director, states that treatment for addiction in a detoxification facility re-sults in a one percent cure rate and the therapeutic community’s cure rate is about 10 percent, the Teen Challenge program has an 86 percent cure rate.
* This percentage is based on those interviewed five years after com-pleting the program. The federal govern-ment recognizes anyone who as been drug—free for a five year period to be completely recovered.
* Dr. Hess further states, “The Teen Challenge program is the best I know of to get a person off drugs