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Former attorney, brother wanted in 2012 shooting death | News

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Former attorney, brother wanted in 2012 shooting death

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) – A former Hot Springs attorney and her brother are both facing charges in the death of a man in 2012.

Saline County prosecutor Ken Cassidy was appointed special prosecutor. Saline County deputy prosecutor Brian Clary told THV 11 the warrants for Andrea Davis and her brother Matthew were issued Monday afternoon.

The warrant for Andrea is for one count of manslaughter and use of a communication device, both felonies. For Matthew the warrant is for one count of manslaughter.

Clary said both are expected to turn themselves in Thursday.

According to the arrest warrant:

"Based on text messages between Andrea Davis and Maxx Anderson retrieved from their cell phones during forensic examinations, investigators believe Maxx's death was the result of a drug transaction gone bad. Investigators believe Maxx was provided money by Matt and Andi (Andrea Davis) in order to purchase methamphetamine for them and returning to Andi's residence, possibly without the drugs or the money, led to his death."

Maxwell Anderson was found by Garland County deputies shot to death outside Andrea Davis' home in February 2012. Family and friends set up a Facebook page for his case.

"He is definitely gone,"said Wil Lewis. "There is closure on the horizon, but it is still going to be a long fight."

Many emotions are running through Wil Lewis. He says the same is true for the family of his friend, Maxx Anderson.

"I've been in touch with his sister," said Lewis. "I do not know exactly what she is going through. I have never had a sibling murdered. I cannot even imagine."

Wil and the Anderson family continue to wear a shirt with the words "Justice for Maxx."

"It is almost morbid and nobody likes to think about every single second up to somebody's death, but for the families peace for our peace we have to know what happened to him," said Lewis.

According to arrest warrants released by Garland County, "investigators believe Maxx's death was the result of a drug transaction gone bad." The warrant states, Andi and her brother Matt paid Maxx $1,200 the day before the shooting. It goes on to say Andi said Maxx showed up to her house and attacked her. A struggle broke out and then Matt allegedly fired one shot.

"There seems to be this mentality around here that it is ok to use violence against people that you are angry with," said Lewis. "There is no excuse for it. It is ridiculous that somebody thinks it is ok to take somebody's life."

The warrant also references a texting conversation, allegedly between Andi and Maxx. Investigators believe Andi asked if Maxx could still do a deal they had talked about regarding heroin and meth. The warrant states "the calls and heated text" continued up until just prior to Maxx's death.

"I just wish Maxx had seen the light a little bit sooner," said Lewis. "And not been involved with people like that."

Andi Davis also made headlines in December 2013, when Attorney General Dustin McDaniel admitted to an inappropriate relationship with her, and dropped out of the 2014 gubernatorial race because of it. In a speech, he said he did not have any information about the Maxwell Anderson death investigation.

See verbatim of McDaniel's entire speech regarding the inappropriate relationship with Davis here: http://on.kthv.com/1hEoowH