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A Place to Call Home: Sierra | Families

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A Place to Call Home: Sierra
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A Place to Call Home: Sierra

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- Time and again, we've shared with you stories of abandoned, abused, and neglected children, left behind for the state to care for.

Through THV11's partnership with the Arkansas Department of Human Services, our effort is to help find these children forever homes.

In the case of a 17-year-old, life comes full circle in this story, except one thing is missing: a family to call her own.

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"I thought they were precious," Sierra said with a smile at the Humane Society of Pulaski County.

Their innocent yips for attention, along with their sweet puppy eyes, was all enough to melt the 17-year-old's heart

A pup named Franklin and a kitten named Vida have Sierra's full attention. This is the only place she wants to be.

"I really love horses, cats, dogs, all of the above," Sierra told us.

This girl has a dream, and it's a big one.

"I'm going to be an animal cop. I'm going to take animals, abused animals, take them out of their homes and put them in shelters, let them get better and get adopted," she explained.

The irony here is not lost on us. What Sierra describes is what she's lived. She has a kinship with these animals.

"We was taken out of the home," Sierra recalled, "And I felt like an animal would be taken out of their home, abused, neglected, stuff like that."

That is why sierra seems so content here, so at home. She, too, needs and wants a family to take her in. A fresh start, far from a life she once knew.

"When I was little," Sierra explains, "my mom didn't really have anything for us to eat. We were starving. It sometimes took a few days for us to get food. We lived in a home where there were infestations of rats, cockroaches, stuff like that."

Horror only she knows. A girl traumatized again and again. Her two siblings were adopted, but she wasn't. She's been shuffled through multiple foster and group homes, but her focus is not on the past, but on the joy these animals bring.

"It was fun," she said. "My favorite part was petting the animals. I think that what I want is a single parent. A mom and no kids, just someone that has time to spend with you and show you that they care."

Just as Sierra cares for the cats here and the dogs left behind. A young girl with a belief in a future life greater than the ones she's known.

Even though Sierra is 17, she is in the 9th grade due to some learning delays, which means even though she could technically age out of the system when she turns 18, she desperately needs a parent to care for her for the next several years.

Special thanks to the Humane Society for allowing Sierra to spend time with the animals. You can find more about Sierra and the hundreds of other foster children up for adoption by clicking on the Arkansas Department of Human Services' website.


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