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Arkie Newbies: A new group for those new to Arkansas... revving up! | Community Spirit

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Arkie Newbies: A new group for those new to Arkansas... revving up!
Arkie Newbies:  A new group for those new to Arkansas...  revving up!

Arkie Newbies?  We're a fun, new group of people who are new to Arkansas (or who have not yet explored all it has to offer).

I'm your group's organizer.  Okay, well, I'm 'renewed' to Arkansas, having lived away 12 years, yet Arkansas born and raised.  But having lived other places, from Texas and Virginia to Great Britain and back, I formed this group because I know how hard it is to get to know others in a new place, and how much more fun it is to explore the new surroundings with others.  Plus hey, I know it's true that the commonality of being in Arkansas but not being FROM Arkansas sets some of the newcomers apart.  It's good -- very good, to not be alone in the adventure.

As organizer and host of Arkie Newbies, and also of a group also on Meetup.com called 'HIkers and Walkers with Doggage', I've had a couple of years to build up to what I see as a great, if slow, start to what I hope will become a quite large, fun group. 

Spring has sprung early in Arkansas, and now is the time to enjoy what will become untenable (I'm sorry to say) after June....  and until October.  What's that?  Dare I say, Arkansas' Outdoors!!   Yes, to newcomers who aren't from the South, Arkansas' summer heat and humidity will come as a surprise.  So let me warn you, unless you like indoors ventures, the water, or underground, you will be quite sad you didn't get out while the weather's ideal.  It's a short window.

So please join me for our first Meetup with Arkie Newbies at Garvan Woodland Gardens.  Bring friends.  Bring enemies. Bring native Arkansans.  Most of all, bring a CAMERA!


Membership to my group is free and will remain as such!  Some activities, not all, will have associated costs. 

Some things will take place near and in Little Rock.  Sometimes we'll venture out and about the State. 

Many things will be outdoors, many will be indoors. 

Sometimes there will be food and drink.  Other times will be BYOB. 

ALL AGES WELCOME!  Family friendly unless otherwise specified.

Let's get out into Arkansas & integrate!

- HikerGal (a/k/a Krin Collins)