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LINKS: THV11 forecasting, radars and more

LINKS: THV11 forecasting, radars and more

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With winter weather visiting Arkansas this weekend, we want to make sure you're as ready as can be for anything that comes our way. We hope these links are helpful to you.

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Fallen Tree Punctures Home, Smashes Mini Van After Flash Flooding In Hot Springs Saturday

Fallen Tree Punctures Home, Smashes Mini Van After Flash Flooding In Hot Springs Saturday

Heavy rain and thunderstorms caused area streams to flow rapidly Saturday in Garland County. In the picture Gulpha Creek at the Gulpha Gorge Campground was flowing at full blast Saturday afternoon while most campers at the park stayed indoors to keep dry.

The heavy rain also likely played a big part in a large oak tree falling onto a house around 6pm Saturday. The tree in the yard at 128 Watt Street uprooted and fell against the roof and onto Linwood Street.

Great Video: Waterspout spotted in Hot Springs

HOT SPRINGS, Ark. (KTHV) - A waterspout, tornado over water, was spotted in Hot Springs on Thursday. THV 11 viewer, Doug Jones, sent us in video of what he saw near Brady Mountain.

Watch the video above to see the funnel move over Lake Ouachita.

Tree Tumbles Into Home During Storm Wednesday

Tree Tumbles Into Home During Storm Wednesday


A Hot Springs residence was heavily damaged from a falling tree during a thunderstorm around 5:45 pm Wednesday.

A large oak tree uprooted and fell through the roof and into the rear wall of the house at 616 Ward Street.

The Hot Springs Fire Department and Police responded to the house.

Opening call centers for storm victims

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) Entergy Arkansas opened up call centers in Little Rock, Hot Springs, and Malvern. On Saturday, the call centers were very busy and filled with some frustrated customers.

"We have not seen one truck drive through our neighborhood," says Sabrina Taylor.

Taylor went to Entergy's call center in Little Rock for answers on why she's been in the dark for five days.

"I have neighbors who have lights, and I'm not understanding why mine have not come back on," says Taylor.

Living on a cul de sac, she's told by a customer representative that crews are utilizing time best by repairing large amounts of customers in other neighborhoods first.

Back home, her husband is using their vehicle's battery to generate power in the house. It's a frustrating experience especially when they can see electric crews not far from their house.