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Camaro comes home

HOT SPRINGS, Ark. (KTHV) -- A father and son in Garland County worked for hours to restore a 1980 Camaro Z-28. Months later, it was stolen. But the story takes an interesting turn when three years down the road a Benton towing company called to say they had the car.

Wendell Roberts stands in front of a Chevy Silverado he's restoring. "Just slowly fixing it up just like we did the Camaro...hopefully it won't get stolen!" Stolen like his Camaro, a 1980 Z-28 he restored as a father-son project with 19-year-old Nick.

Nick says, "That's the dream car I've always wanted. It had a lot of work to be done to it. And we spent 8 to 9 months fixing it up every single night... me and my dad did."

Nick drove his new toy for five days before someone stole it. That was in December 2007.Surely a guy can move on? Nick disagrees. He says, "No. I've been down the road that it had been seen on when it got stolen? I've been down there; I don't have a number how many times, just looking for it!"

Now, in June 2011, the car is back in his driveway and he's smiling. Wendell says, "The only way we knew the car had been recovered was the tow company saying 'hey we've got this car it was stolen. We've had it for eight days already!'

But over those eight days more than $800 in fees accrued leaving Roberts annoyed.

Lt. James Martin with the Garland County Sheriff's Department says they tried to contact Roberts, but to no avail. "If we don't have a working phone number it's impossible for us to get a hold of you. Anything that the tow service does cost-wise has absolutely nothing to do with any law enforcement agency in the state much less us or Saline County."

So now the Roberts men are back to fixing it up again and hoping it stays around longer this time.