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Pay it Forward: Operation Beautiful | News

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Pay it Forward: Operation Beautiful

In February, we started a Pay it Forward mission on 'Today's THV This Morning.' From doughnuts, to gas cards, to paying for people's coffee--it was a movement that took off!

We had several THV viewers write in and share their stories with us about how they too gave back. Whether it was a just kind word or paying for someone's groceries, the message spread. We walked away from each of those experiences feeling inspired and thankful.

A few months ago, THV's Ashley Blackstone walked in the restroom at the west Little Rock Target and saw a note taped to the mirror with two simple words... "You're Beautiful!"

She did some googling and found Operation Beautiful. This nationwide movement is to post anonymous notes in public places for other people to find. The point is that WE ARE ALL BEAUTIFUL.

You are enough... just the way you are!

Our challenge for you this week is to leave a note in a random place. Of course, THV would love to hear your story. If you Pay it forward to someone, tell us about it. Snap a picture and post it on our THV Facebook page.