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Latest details on Hot Springs hot car death investigation | News

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Latest details on Hot Springs hot car death investigation

HOT SPRINGS, Ark. (KTHV) -- Wednesday, the lawsuit over the 911 tapes in the death of Garland County Judge Wade Naramore's son was seen by a judge.

Thomas Naramore died in July after being left inside a hot car. Attorney Matt Campbell asked for the tapes under the Freedom of Information Act, but Hot Springs police denied his request, saying that the case is still under investigation.

Retired Circuit Judge Sam Bird heard the complaint Wednesday afternoon.

THV11's Marielle Mohs and Winnie Wright were in the courtroom and reported that the judge will review the tapes to determine whether or not the tapes are investigatory in nature. A decision will reportedly be made and shared with the Garland County clerk on Thursday. 

The father in this case, Judge Wade Naramore is a public figure, so every detail has been grabbing the community's attention. The increased scrutinty and close community connections forced officials to bring in Scott Ellington, a special prosecutor from Jonesboro.

"It's a lot of work, and it doesn't happen quick and easy. It takes a lot of time," said Ellington

Elligton explained to THV11 why Judge Naramore has not been arrested.

"We're not alledging a pre-mediated or intentional act in the death of this child, and so therefore the need to make an immediate arrest is not there. I mean these people are humans - they lost a child."

Elligton said that Judge Naramore's role in the legal system is causing this case to receive extra attention, and that he wanted to make sure he used his time with THV11 to lay to rest any rumors.

"That complicates it just because of his relationship with this community. There's not a conspiracy here. This person, who is a circuit judge in Hot Springs, is not getting any more benefit of the doubt."

As information is released, this story will be updated. Stay with THV11 and thv11.com.

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