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Rogue Report - JUN 10

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New micro-brewery partially opens in bathhouse

HOT SPRINGS, Ark. (KTHV) Hot Springs newest micro-brewery opens for business this weekend-sort of.

During tonight's Hot springs Music Festival, Vapor Valley Spirits, which is located inside the old Superior Bathhouse-will host a concert.

Tonight-it's selling craft beers, ice cream, and root beer. The owner says-the micro-brewery section will likely open up next Spring. Earlier this week, The National Park Service issued a one-year Commercial Use Authorization (CUA) to Vapor Valley Spirits Inc., to use portions of the Superior Bathhouse for special events and retail sales.

Today's Box Office: 'Prometheus', to prequel or not to prequel?

I'm going to try and break this review into two parts. First, I want to address those of you are not familiar with the universe that Ridley Scott created with 1979's Sci-Fi Horror film Alien. The second part will attempt to answer some of the questions that the fan boys have without any spoilers.

Renewed push to preserve downtown Hot Springs

HOT SPRINGS (KTHV) - There's growing momentum right now in Hot Springs to keep all that rich history along Central Avenue, standing long into the future.

It stems from this recent letter from the Hot Springs Chamber of Commerce to City Hall (PDF). In it, the chamber urges the city to re-evaluate building codes and beef up inspection. They are specifically targeting those historic downtown gems, largely vacant on the upper floors.  

Downtown Hot Springs offers plenty to see and do from the ground floors. But look up, and in some of the more historic buildings, there's nothing but empty, aging floors.

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Teen runs away in Garland Co.

GARLAND COUNTY, Ark. (KTHV) - A teenage girl has run away in Garland County.

Kayla McCrystal, 17, was reported missing June 5. It is believed she is still in the county. Authorities think she may be with another teenager named Bradley (last name unknown).

McCrystal is 5'1" has braces and a pink cancer ribbon tattoo on her left ankle.

Investigators are seeking anyone who may have any information as to this subject's location. Please contact Inv. Mike Wright at 501-622-3690, or the department's 24-hour hotline at 501-622-3674.

Give Me a Chance Farm helping horses

Arkadelphia, Ark. (KTHV) -- From time to time you'll see a news story involving an abused horse. Oftentimes the pictures of these poor animals are disgusting. While we see them taken off the property of abusive owners, for most of us we never hear what happens next. The hope is that these animals make it to Give me a Chance Farm.

Hero Central: Project Zero

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- Many Arkansas children have no family and no place to truly call home. At any given time, over 500 children in Arkansas are in foster care in need of adoption. 

Here at Today's THV we share stories of foster children waiting for a forever home in our Place to Call Home segments.